Rite Edge is the multi-award winning aluminium lawn edging system designed by landscape architects which keeps that pristine neat garden appearance with perfect straight, corners and enviable curves and shapes around borders, lawns and pathways. Rite Edge is incredibly easy to install and is used by both professional landscapers and garden enthusiasts alike ensuring that ‘just edged’ look without all those hours of back-breaking edging and spade work.

Rite Edge is manufactured aluminium alloy 6063 to a T6 hardness so no painting, staining, rusting or replacing to worry about as the product is designed to last at least 27 years. Aluminium being light it’s easy to handle and comes in long lengths with a unique telescopic design to make installation very neat, quick and easy, secured in place with barbed fixing stakes. The profile has a smooth round top edge, so no sharp edges to cut you or damage the lawn mower blades and a castellated body which gives maximum strength for heavy lawn movers and prevents lifting by frost.

Joining lengths could not be easier owing to Rite Edge’s telescopic design by sliding one piece into the other and we would recommend a 5cm overlap at the side of each joint. For a flush fit simply place a small piece of Rite Edge behind the joint and slide the pieces together at the front. We generally recommend around 4% in your length calculation for the joints, alternatively packs of joining pieces can be purchased separately.

Rite Edge is available in a range of different colour options from the standard Natural to the anodised colours of Brown, Green and Black. Each length measures 2.438m and is sold in packs of 14 lengths giving 34.13m per pack. Smaller packs are available in Natural and Brown with a shorter length of 1.2m and sold in 4 lengths per pack giving 4.8m per pack overall.

The benefits of using Rite Edge in your garden design -

• Quick and easy to install
• Maintenance free
• Will not lift in frost
• Saves hours of back-breaking edging work
• Ensures ‘just edged’ look permanently
• Can be used in many border options – sand, gravel, lawn, pebbles, slate

So if you’re tired of all those long hours spent keeping that lawn neat and tidy with pristine neat edges, use Rite Edge and be maintenance free!


Rite-Edge Aluminium Edging

Rite-Edge Aluminium Edging - Value Pack

Rusty-Edge Rusty Effect Aluminium Edging


Please click the questions below to reveal the answers!

Q.What is RITE-EDGE made from?
A.High grade Aluminium alloy, commonly used in aircraft structures for its long life and flexibility.
Q.What is the best way to install the RITE-EDGE in my garden?
A.By digging a small channel 10cm deep where the RITE-EDGE needs to be positioned. Our installation notes explain this in more detail.
Q.Can I cut it to different lengths?
A. YES - by using a hacksaw (this is a saw with a special blade for cutting metals such as steel and aluminium. They can be purchased for less than �10 from a good DIY store/shop. (Do not attempt to use a wood cutting saw, as it will just blunt the cutting edge of the saw).
Q.Can I bend RITE-EDGE?
A.YES - for gentle curves the aluminium has a degree of flexibility and will bend naturally. For tighter bends or circles the aluminium can be shaped round a solid object such as tree trunk, a gatepost or even a �knee�!
Q.How do I join the lengths of RITE-EDGE together?
A.The most effective method is to use the unique Telescopic System inbuilt into each length of RITE-EDGE using the unique extruded shape.
Q.Can I cut my lawn with my lawnmower where I have installed the RITE-EDGE?
A.Yes � providing you have installed the RITE-EDGE at the recommended 2-6 mms above the ground level of the lawn you can cut over the top of the RITE-EDGE.
Q.I do not like the ridge that you can see when you join two lengths of RITE-EDGE together, can you not have a flat/flush joint.
A.Yes you can by using our special flush joining pieces.
Q.Can I remove RITE-EDGE once I have installed it?
A.YES - by pulling the barbed stakes (which retain the RITE-EDGE) out of the ground.
Q.What sort of maintenance will I need to carry out on my RITE-EDGE?
A.NONE - due to the fact that RITE-EDGE is made from aluminium. Aluminium will not rust; crack, rot and will never need repainting.
Q.Do you offer an installation service?
A.NO - Rainbow do not offer such a service but any local gardening or landscape service would I am sure install the RITE-EDGE for you
Q.What is the delivery time if I place an order today?
A.Approximately 7 to 10 working days is the normal delivery time.
Q.Is the product guaranteed?
A.YES - the RITE-EDGE as a product is guaranteed for quality and workmanship, however Rainbow cannot be held responsible for the installation or the use of the product once it has been delivered to a customers premises.
Q.How long will the RITE-EDGE last.
A.Aluminium has been used in industry and the field of aviation (building aeroplanes) for years and is known to be strong, light and durable capable of giving many years of service. There are installations of Aluminium Edges that are still in good condition after 27 years.
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