Biodegradable Weed Mats



The Rainbow biodegradable weed mats (bio-weed mats) are made of 100% plant

material. The fabric contained in the bio-weed mats will simply biodegrade to compost

at the end of their lifetime providing a nutrient rich element for the soil and reduce any

possible ongoing maintenance costs to the absolute minimum. The use of these type

of mats means that the use of synthetic mats or herbicides can be avoided which are

so harmful to the environment. The mats are supplied in a subtle brown colour that

blends harmoniously with the landscape and can be secured in place with a Rainbow

biodegradable weed mat peg. After a period of 3-5 years the plants will have grown

over the fabric which will take over the light blocking function of the bio-weed mat.

The mats are UV stable and do not require any mulch, bark or wood chips to cover the


Environmentally friendly weed and erosion control

Enviro friendly

The Rainbow bio-weed mats have been used in Europe since 2011 with many

projects successfully completed. They not only prevent weed growth but protect the

underground against surface erosion from wind and rain.

What are the advantages?

UV stable - The raw material is PLA** which is UV stable. Sunlight will not break down

the product, therefore there is no need to cover up the fabric with expensive bark

or wood chips. Rainbow bio weed mats will biodegrade through combined action of

microorganism, temperature and humidity.

Fire resistant - Being made from PLA Rainbow bio weed mats are naturally fire resistant.

There is no risk of fire ignition (cigarettes, vandalism) unlike natural fibre blankets like

coir, jute, hemp.

Excellent water and air permeability - The water permeability of Rainbow bio weed

mats is 10 times better than woven fabrics which will promote the growth of the young


Why use Rainbow biodegradable weed mats?

• Requires no maintenance after installation, they are the perfect sustainable

solution for landscape and roadside planting.

• Outstanding water and air permeability which stimulates the growth of plants.

• UV stable and will not shrink when exposed to sun, therefore no need to cover

with mulch or bark.

• Prevents surface erosion.

• Easy to transport, cut and install

**What is PLA?

Poly Lactic Acid or PLA is made from plant material. Starch and plant sugars are used

as renewable resource. Today, mainly side and waste streams of the corn industry are

used as feedstock.

How is PLA produced?

It all starts with the sun! During the process of the photosynthesis, the leaves of green

plants will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. A molecule CO2 is combined with a

molecule water to form sugar and oxygen. The molecule oxygen is released back in

the atmosphere. The sugar is used as fuel for the plants. Any unused sugar is stored as

starch and can be harvested. Industrially, dextrose (sugar) is created from the harvested

plant starch through a process called hydrolysis. Next, microorganism will convert the

sugar into lactic acid through fermentation. The PLA polymer is formed either by (1)

direct condensation of lactic acid or (2) via the cyclic intermediate lactide through a ring

opening process. PLA is formed!

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