Tree Tying Systems

Ground erosion, wind, vandalism and grass cutting all destroy young trees each year with most trees less than five years of age being vulnerable to such damage. To protect trees from these threats various arrangements of tree ties, straps, cushions and spacers can be used along with various types of stakes.


Tree Strapping

Super Softee Tree Ties

Tree Spacers, Blocks and Cushions

Buckle Tree Ties


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Q.How strong are they?
A.Most tree ties offer a high degree of tensile strength which is necessary when strong winds catch a fully leafed tree.
Q.Will they need adjusting once fitted?
A.Usually not as most Buckle type do self release to a degree and they will burst the collar as the tree girth expands but it is worth a quick visual check after 4 years to see no damage is occurring to the tree bark.
Q.How many do I need to use on one tree?
A.We always recommend two, one fixed firmly near the bottom to restrict all movement of the rootball and the second 1/3 way up the tree to help the tree withstand the prevalent wind during the first few years.
Q.Is it better to have one with or without a buckle?
A.The Buckle does allow adjustment if necessary and is much stronger than a nail or two through a thin strap which can split
Q.Will they damage the tree as it grows?
A.The soft material of the strap itself and the unique designs will not damage young trees for the expected life of the tree tie.
Q.What size will I need?
A.We recommend a 25mm strap for young trees and a 38mm strap for semi mature trees over 4 years old
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