Defender Pro Tree Shelter

 The Defender Shelter offers protection for young trees and shrubs against browsing animals and weather conditions offering faster tree growth and increased survival rates. They are extremely quick and easy to install with the unique ‘no ties’ staking and securing system it ensures planting is done swiftly and simply, with maintenance carried out with the same level of simplicity and speed. It is also an environmentally responsible product being manufactured using 100% recyclable UV stabilised polypropylene which is harmless to the environment

The square construction of the Defender with a durable twin-wall construction has a built in radial top lip to minimise abrasion to the tree stem and a line of least resistance, to ensure the shelter splits open as the girth of the tree increases in size. This square design also enables the product to be delivered at the point of application ‘flat packed’, so enabling larger quantities to be transported easier and at a lower cost than conventional round rigid tree shelters.

Defenders are suitable for use in forestry projects, landscaping, fruit growing and viticulture. The tree shelters are available in a range of different heights from 60cm, 70cm, 90cm, 120m and 150m, with the shrub shelters available in two heights of 60cm and 75cm. They are sold in bundles of 50 pieces and available in a light green colour with an estimated life span of 5-7 years.

Key benefit of using Defender Shelters –

• Offers protection for young trees and shrubs against browsing animals and weather conditions so offering increased survival rates.
• Quick and easy to install with ‘no ties’ staking and securing system
• Shelter designed to split open as girth of the tree increases
• Radial top lip to minimise abrasion to the tree
• Transported ‘flat pack’ so allowing delivery at point of application
• 100% recyclable made from UV stabilised polypropylene
• Harmless to the environment
• Durable twin-wall construction
• 100% recyclable
• Estimated life span 5 -7 years

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